Top 5 2008 Convertibles

Want to have some fun in the sun? Driverside gives you the list of the top 5 convertibles you can buy.
2008 Audi TT Roadster

2008 Audi TT 1
2008 Audi TT

What we think
Audi redesigned the iconic TT model, making it longer and wider by 5.4", 3.1" respectively. They also stretched the wheelbase by 1.8" creating a sportier drive with more legroom and trunk space. Audi made a conscious decision to keep the purity of soft-top in the TT Roadster. The baseball stitching is back too.

We'd opt for the 2.0 T model; the lighter weight and S tronic transmission provides the perfect open-air combination at a competitive price point.

At a glance
MSRP: Starting at $36,800
Engine and drivetrain: 200 horsepower, 207 lb-ft torque, 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine with fuel straight injection, exhaust turbocharger with intercooler, 6-speed S tronic automatic transmission, front-wheel drive.
MPG: 22 City/29 Hwy

2008 BMW 335i Convertible

2008 BMW 3-Series 2
2008 BMW 3-Series

What we think
The new fourth-generation 3-series convertible features a first-for-BMW power retractable hardtop, room for four comfortably, a 300-horsepower twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine and some of the finest engineering and handling on the road today. The roof opens in 22 seconds and closes in 23 seconds. A rocket ship on wheels with looks to match.

The new 3-Series is the benchmark in segment for a reason and the new twin-turbo 335i sets the standard even higher.

At a glance
MSRP: $49,100
Engine and drivetrain: 300-horsepower, 300 lb-ft Torque DOHC inline 24-valve 6-cylinder, aluminum construction with cast-iron liners, twin-turbochargers, 6-speed manual or steptronic transmissions.
MPG: 20 City/29 Hwy (automatic), 19 City/28 Hwy (manual)

2008 Mazda MX-5 Sport Power Retractable Hardtop

2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata 3
2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata

What we think
The itty-bitty rear-wheel drive Mazda MX-5, nee Miata, now cures what ails the long-suffering convertible owner - having to open and close the roof by hand. For 2007, Mazda equipped the MX-5 with a brand-new power hardtop that opens and closes in seconds at the press of a button. The new top only adds about 80 pounds of weight, so the ride quality doesn't suffer.

Mazda solved the conundrum of hardtop or convertible well and at sub-25,000 dollar price to boot. A perfect weekend or second car.

At a glance
MSRP: $26,520
Engine and drivetrain: 166-horsepower, 140 lb-ft torque 2.0L I4, 16 valve engine, six-speed manual transmission.
MPG: 22 City/27 Hwy

2008 Volkswagen Eos 2.0T

2008 Volkswagen Eos 4
2008 Volkswagen Eos

What we think
Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, the Eos has a sporty drive, room for four and the proven turbocharged 2.0 inline four found in the GTI. The best feature is the five-piece retractable hardtop with integrated glass sunroof. This roof-lowering maneuver is a marvel of engineering; the front roof panels, including the glass sunroof, slide under the forward roof panels as the entire roof area rises from the C-pillar to what would be a B-pillar and is stored beneath a rear deck, all in 25 seconds. It sounds complicated because it is.

The Eos 2.0 T is somewhat pricey but with that amazing roof and drivetrain package, it feels like a GTI convertible. A grown-up convertible that's fun to drive.

At a glance
MSRP: Starting at $30,110
Engine and drivetrain: 200 horsepower, 207 lb-ft torque, 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine with fuel straight injection, exhaust turbocharger with intercooler, six-speed manual or DSG 6-speed automatic with Tiptronic optional.
MPG: 23 City/32 Hwy

2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Limited

2008 Chrysler Sebring 5
2008 Chrysler Sebring

What we think
Nothing says 'American Classic' like a traditionally designed convertible with copious amounts of room. The all-new and completely redesigned for 2008 Chrysler Sebring seats four full-sized adults in the cabin, two golf bags in the trunk, and features three roof options - vinyl, cloth and a retractable hardtop. Opt for the Limited - the larger engine, retractable hardtop and the bells and whistles are well worth the extra price.

While the Sebring will never be cutting-edge, the classic shape and comfortable ride is at home anywhere you drive it, especially to the golf course on Sunday mornings.

At a glance
MSRP: Starting at $31,670
Engine and drivetrain: 3.5-liter V-6 engine, 235 horsepower, 232 lb.-ft. of torque, six-speed automatic transmission with Auto Stick, front-wheel drive.
MPG: 18 City/28 Hwy

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