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Auto Select - Appleton
424 W. Northland Ave
Appleton, WI 54911
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4.9 out of 5 based on 43 user reviews.

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Posted by J J

Autoselect is the best!! I have been going to them for the past 9 years. During that time, they have serviced my daily drivers and my classic vehicles. (In fact, if you own a classic vehicle, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use Autoselect for your service needs, as they truly appreciate these cars and treat the vehicles and owners with the utmost respect. When I went to them for the first time, I knew very little about cars, but they were patient and took the time to explain the repairs, and also provided tips on preventive maintenance. I received a straightforward answer every time I asked a question. This was mutually beneficial, because I learned more about my cars and was, in turn, better able to describe the symptoms of my car's issues to them, which allowed them to pinpoint the issues even faster!) They are always prompt and honest, and present you with all the information you need to make a wise decision about the care of your vehicle. This shop actually shows you the parts they replaced and will point out where the part was damaged and why the repair was necessary. If you are willing to take advantage of this opportunity to learn, you will be able to pick up quite a bit of information about your car and how it works. They consistently go above and beyond to help their customers. If there are alternatives or options, they share all of those options with you and allow you to make the decision that is best for you and your car. They never hesitate to offer a courtesy shuttle or ride, so you don't have to put your life on hold while your car is in the shop. Satruday hours are a huge plus! Forget all of your misconceptions about mechanics and independent shops -- these guys always treat their clients with respect and fairness, and they never, ever talk down to anyone, regardless of that person's level of knowledge, gender, etc. I used to go to dealerships, and I can honestly say that the dealerships I've worked with in the past cannot hold a candle to Autoselect!!

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Posted by Becky C

Servicing went great once again, very reasonable price for rear brakes and 2 new tires, and a large selection of tire options. I'll go back for my next servicing!

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Posted by Craig F

Prompt and honest service. Quality of work never disappoints me. The technicians are always dependable and service time utilized most efficiently to minimize labor costs.

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Posted by Rick S

We have always had a very positive experience with Auto Select. Tony and crew do outstanding work! They never look for a quick fix. They are very thorough making sure the job is done correctly the first time. They are very personable, patient and professional.

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Posted by Becky C

I felt they were honest about what repairs my car needed. I have a lot of miles on my car and I want to keep it going as long as I can and I feel Auto Select will help me do that! And they had the repair work done before I needed it to be done so that was nice. I'll definitely go back.

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Posted by Randy K

I had issues with one tire and the tire pressure monitoring system on my car. In addition to that, I had an oil and filter change done on my car. They got my car in right away, even though I was about 20 minutes early. I was givien a rough estimate of the total cost, but having symptoms of a problem without knowing what will actually need to be done is hard to figure out. My car was finished sooner than I expected it to be and when I get the final bill it was about $45 less than I was expecting to pay. Happy day for me and great credit for a job well done.

Thank you Tony and Staff!!

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Posted by Rick S

Excellent service! Work gets done fast, accurate and at a fair price.

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Posted by Craig F

The consistently high-quality and thorough service provided by the team at this location is further augmented by the corresponding insight delivered in terms that the concerned car owner can readily understand. More importantly, the knowledge, honesty, and impressive integrity of the service technician(s) are a credit to the profession of auto mechanics. I recommend Auto Select to all my friends and co-workers.

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Posted by Craig F

Prompt service, reasonable costs, honest assessment

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Posted by Heidi B

Auto Select and their employees have always been great to deal with. They are nice people and get the job done; and always get it done in a reasonable time frame. Keep up the great job!

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