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darlene_lk9r's Garage

2006 Hyundai Sonata GL 4dr Sedan I4 Manual


2011-06-01 13:40:45
2008 and 2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS   . . . . .   
I have followed this vehicle since it came into the country 12/1985 in Philadelphia, PA. We had been Honda owners for 10
years. Due to expecting a baby, I wanted a 4 door car and great gas mileage with lots of options. Not knowing the
financial situation in the country then, we decided to fore-go car payments, higher car insurance, and maintenance
costs. It took us 23 and 24 years to buy our 2008 and then 2009 as Hyundai proved themselves and had that 10 yr./100,000
mile warranty. They have a manufacturer's plant in Alabama. We love the ESC (electronic stability control) in the 2008.
Our lives of 18 years of Ford Crown Victoria's, sometimes 4 at a timer, was a time to depart with them due to needing
too much work, loss of jobs due to the economy, a new job (lasted 2 yrs.) and then gone, and gas costs told us it was
time to buy 1 at first. We LOVE it! The 2009 we only use for our college kid and small errands with 4500 miles on it.
This one I wish we had the ESC but did not realize that until after we bought it, but it doesn't seem to make a
difference to us. WE'RE happy we had such good rebates and so much taken off of cars with 6 miles and 40 miles on them
buying August 2008 and August 2009. We didn't suffer that big drive-off-the-dealership-lot-depreciation since 2009 and
2010 Hyundai's were new out on the lots. Our insurance agent of many years was surprised how much we saved buying these
cars with all these options included and their safety features. There has only been 2 recalls. One was spring 2009 for
our 2008 for a part needed on the fuel pump. The other just came out 2011 for both cars to have the passenger air bag
wiring improved as it only comes on when a person is sitting there and is of a certain weight. To protect a small weight
teen or young adult, it is now going to sense someone is sitting there to be operational. The garage we utilize had sent
us a notice last month which I forgot to check! The company sent one yesterday. And the NTA sent us a formal one this
week since it was discovered April 2011, and they have enough parts in the dealerships. The cost to we owners is free.
We wouldn't buy another car for what we have in it and warranty.