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daveywavey's Garage


2009-06-06 00:20:30
Solid stylin' slow and steady.    . . . . .   
I have a 1979 240d automatic. The car has had a few problems in the year I've owned it (2008). Ignition switch went,
fuel injector pump failed, lots of rubber needed to be replaced do to sheer age of vehicle, hood cable broke, brakes
fluid leak, The cost of repairs isn't bad now that I've found a mechanic who knows what he's doing. But I had to get
ripped off a couple times first. If you want my advise, have two mechanics; a general guy who knows a fair amount about
them and a specialist for those difficult issues. Also, don't buy the cheapest one on ebay. Spend $5-7000 and get a near
mint one with low miles with lots of recent maintenance history. Otherwise you'll spend the same in repairs and have a
car that is more familiar with your mechanics garage than your own. Acceleration is semi truck slow esp with an auto (I
prefer manuals). 0-60 mph is 30 seconds! They are very comfy to sit in and feel solid all around. I've never had a
problem starting it in cold weather though a block heater will increase the life of your engine. 17f with no block
heater and she started after about five minutes. Parts can be surprisingly cheap at the junk yard. I average 27mpg.