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kurtv's Garage

2009 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan TDI 4dr DSG


2010-09-01 20:56:15
Fun car   . . . . .   
After buying a 2009 Jetta TDI and liking diesels for city driving, I decided to upgrade to the BMW 335d. The Jetta
was a great value (especially with a cash for clunkers rebate of $4500, diesel credit of $1300 and sales tax refund of
approx. $800) but didn't handle as well as my older BMW with RWD. I have a 330i which is a great car, but the 335d
is a fantastic car. With over 425 ft. lbs of torque it is wonderful to drive in the city while consistently getting
over 25 mpg. On the highway it does over 32 mpg. The 330i does around 20 mpg in the same type city driving. The
power delivery on the 335d comes on much quicker off the line with little fuss. The brakes and handling are very
good. The only downside is that the RFTs have a rough ride even compared to same basic sizes on my 1996 993tt.