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2001 Dodge Neon Highline 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Q: what does ECT stand for??

I bought a 94 Camry and it has a button that says ECT when I press it a light comes on and says power....but what is it? and what does it do?

Q: 94 camry code P0753?

P0753 says shift solenoid circuit electrical...I have replaced the solenoid (it wasn't fun) but I don't think I needed to the car will not down shift. when i drive come to a stop and start to go again it starts off in 3rd gear if I manually shift it to low then shift it to second it goes directly to 3rd but it shifts between 3rd and overdrive perfectly this code says shift solenoid circuit...i realize I shouldn't have replaced the could be the problem? could it be a bad connection between the ecu and the solenoid? could it be a bad ecu? I am stuck and can not figure this one out someone please help me...the solenoid has been replaced and the filter and fluid have also been replaced...could there be a vac hose off somewhere? I'm not sure of these new electronically controlled transmissions but the older Chevy's had a vac. modulator do these newer cars still have that?! chvyl01

A: more on the P0753 HELP!!?

Problem solved, thanks for all your help, here is what we went thru.....after extensive testing...resistance, voltage drops, ohm. we replaced the ecu with a known good one, same issue no down shift, car starts off in drive...put the old ecu back in thinking it was good....replaced the park neutral switch because the book said it sends a signal to the ecu....I didint think it was the problem because we got no code for it but what the heck...uncle owns a junk yard so it didnt cost change...replaced the speed change...replaced the torque converter speed sensor or otherwise known as the lock up sensor change...checked voltage at the plug to the solenoids and got 10 volts on all of them...decided to apply voltage to the solenoids one at a time to hear them cycle...."E" circuit good loud "click" ..."B" circuit...good loud click...."A" circuit arc and a arching the battery but smaller....removed the transmission pan....again....and pulled the valve body....appears I pinched the wire on the NEW shift solenoid for "A" circuit when I put the valve body back in...yes I felt like an idiot...repaired the wire...check the solenoid...good resistance...good loud "click" when it engages...put it back fluid.....again.....same problem...same code P0753....just for the heck of it I tested the old solenoid resistance test and voltage tested now I'm feeling pretty stupid...I replaced a solenoid that I didnt have to...what a slap in the wallet that turned out to be....I was stumped...but now that I have the wire repaired why not try the new ecu again....put it in....transmission works great.....ok so now I feel really dumb because I could have just replaced the ecu to begin with and been done...the ecu cost me $37.00 at pull-a-part my uncle didnt have one the solenoid.....$113.00 ...transmission fluid...$38.00 so I spent $151.00 for a very valuable lesson...time consuming...but valuable....could have and should have only cost me $37.00 but thats what I get for not reading the book very carefully before I dove into this project....I have been working on cars for 37 years...and I'm still learning...again thanks for all your help.

Mechanic Q: code PO753 94 camry?

I own a 94 camry and yes it does have OBD II it gives me code PO 753 which states shift solenoid circuit A electrical, heres my problem, the car does not downshfit when pulling out of my driveway in drive it is actually in 3rd gear it does not start off in 1st, if I manually shift it to low it goes right there, then if I shift it to second it goes straight to 3rd does not shift to second if I leave it in drive when I stop at a stop sign or light it does not downshift and starts off in drive again, unfortunately I misread the book and went and bought the solenoid removed the valve body installed the new solenoid and gaskets, now I have been working on cars for over 35 years but these new electronic things I just dont get yet, replaced the filter and fluid and cleared the code, topped off the fluid and tried to drive it, same thing, re-read the code book and saw that it say's circuit and electrical...does this mean there is a problem with the circuit between the ecu and the solenoid? well actually I am lost now and dont know what to do or where to turn can you please guide me? if possible could you respond to if not I will try to navigate back here to find a response...please help I need this car to run correctly it is my only ride to and from work.

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